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Last update : 02/16/2006

La Défense - Paris

Frédéric GILLI

Version française / English version

Urban economics and Economic Geography,
Industrial economics,
Urban planning,
Geography of contemporary cities.

I am especially interested in urban sprawl (jobs and people), its economical and sociological consequences.
I also work on ghettos, segregation and urban renewal.

You will find here my papers as well as internet ressources to deal with urban problems.

Sciences Po
Chaire Ville
13, rue de l'Université
75007 Paris
Tel  : 33- 1 45 49 55 15
E-mail: frederic.gilli[a]sciences-po.fr

(English version/ version française)
PhD in Economics, Ensae graduate (MSc in Economics and in Statistics) and MA in Geography, I focus my work on cities. How they are connected to their regional and global environment, and how they are shaped.
I have also worked at the Insee (French Institute for Statistics and Economic studies) on the greater Paris area. I also worked at the French Department of Treasury on the motives and the financing of Urban Planning and Housing policy in France.

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My PhD Thesis deals with "location choice of the firms and urban sprawl" (see the Abstract).
Otherwise, you will find empirical as well as theoretical works, mostly urban.
- on Greater Paris,
- on theoretical approach of the links between industrial economics and the organisation of the cities
- on housing
- also a bit of epistemology
- (to be continued) : urban studies on historical Geography

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Some side activities I can also find on my agenda. Among them, I take a part in the Ensae alumni association (conferences on economical or political topics).

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I tried to gather a huge panorama of the websites dealing with the cities.



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